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Publications and Interviews

1. UK Regional Air Mobility Index

EAMaven, has undertaken an analysis of potential routes within the UK, between Regional and Business Airports Group (RABA).

2. Air Taxi World Congress Istanbul - September 2022

Darrell Swanson and Jarek Zych at the Air Taxi World Congress in Istanbul presenting insights on Regional Air Mobility

3. FINN Interview - July 2022

EAMaven Partner and Co-Founder Darrell Swanson interview on distributed aviation ‘Everybody wins with a distributed aviation model’.

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4. Future Flight Article - January 2022

EAMaven mentioned in Future Flight Article

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5. Future Flight AIN Interview - June 2021

EAMaven explainer on different AAM Business Models

6. Distributed Aviation Webinar - June 2021

Distributed Aviation Webinar with EAMaven Darrell Swanson

7. Distributed Aviation Paper - April 2021

Distributed Aviation: A new economic model for electric aviation

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