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Featured Projects

We have been working at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility technology since 2018 which
culminated in the publication of the Distributed Aviation paper by ADS UK.

We are recognized as a leading company in the space working on both aviation infrastructure to support zero
emissions aircraft and demand modelling for Advanced Air Mobility.

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Crisalion Mobility Use Case Study

Demand Modelling & Scheduling

Crisalion Anchor

Crisalion engaged EA Maven to prepare specific market analysis of the capability of the Integrity aircraft.  Specifically we developed a detailed forecast for an example route with linked schedules and cost analysis.  The linked schedules provided key performance indicators such as the number of aircraft needed to serve the route, aircraft utilisation, carbon emissions savings, passenger volumes, revenue generation potential and economic benefit among other criteria. 


flyvbird Network Study

Demand Modelling, Scheduling, Fare Structure Analysis

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EA Maven and flyvbird have engaged in a strategic collaboration to revolutionize regional air mobility, focusing on connecting underserved regions through efficient and sustainable air travel. Through this arrangement, EA Maven delivers expert route forecasting and schedule analysis, offering solid proof of the viability of flyvbird's unique operational approach. The collaboration has also involved specific case studies that support the effectiveness of utilizing a hubbing effect in regional air mobility, illustrating that EA Maven's vision for Distributed Aviation could soon become a tangible reality.

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Undisclosed Client

AAM Strategy, Demand and Scheduling Analysis 

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EA Maven was engaged to develop an AAM strategy for a project in the middle east comprising of more than 20 vertiports and 150+ eVTOL aircraft.  The work included developing a macro strategy for adding AAM services to an existing surface transportation network.   Additional activities included the development of use cases and con-ops which resulted in identifying additional routes that were not envisioned.   EA Maven developed a comprehensive forecast for UAM services including linked schedules identifying the number of aircraft needed, aircraft utilisation and importantly, the energy required to service the network.  

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Vertical Aerospace Demand Modelling

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Demand modelling of potential routes for eVTOL operations including identification of landing sites, infrastructure requirements and potential revenue analysis. Identification of a need for 270+ aircraft across 10 routes modelling an average requirement of 2k hours per year and significant carbon emissions savings. Identification of peak power requirements at vertiport sites and capacity requirements for master planning activities.


Undisclosed OEM Market Assessment


An overall assessment of the UK market. Analysis on the propensity to travel, gross flows of travellers, travel volumes, purpose of travel
and mode of transport based on mobility data. 

2022 06 08 EAMaven - Swanson - PTE.jpg

SkyBus Project


Working with GKN Aerospace, the Connected Places Catapult and Pascall + Watson to develop several aspects of this UKRI funded project. Development of Concept of Operations, Demand Modelling, Infrastructure Requirements and scheduling for business planning.


Key input into site identification of 10 potential London vertiports plus the identification of 45 potential feeder vertiport sites surrounding London.

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UKRI Demand Modelling

Darrell Swanson and Jarek Zych have been appointed by the UKRI to complete a market assessment/demand modelling study on selected 20 routes in the UK.

The purpose of the study was to illustrate the potential for electric aviation in the UK using a mix of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) and electric conventional take-off and landing (eCTOL) aircraft.


EA Maven has developed a methodology to predict the potential demand between destination pairs, using a modified traditional airline prediction model. This is based on a blend of traditional data sources and new mobility data.


NASA Anchor

NASA White Paper

Darrell Swanson is co leading the NASA TVF Working group 2 developing a white paper to prepare industry on what needs to take place to enable the development of an Urban Air Mobility System (UAM). 

Darrell Swanson is a co-author of the NASA Working Group 3 white paper where key inputs include the outline of infrastructure requirements for electric aircraft including both eVTOLs and fixed wing electric aircraft. 

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