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9.6 Distributed Aviation Paper - April 2021

Distributed Aviation: A new economic model for electric aviation

9.6 Distributed Aviation Paper - April 2021

EA Maven Partner and Co-Founder Darrell Swanson was the primary author of “Distributed Aviation: A New Economic Model for Electric Aviation” white paper as published by ADS UK in 2021 which was based on a series of presentations given at several international conference with the support of EAMaven Partner and Co-Founder Jarek Zych through key market analysis.

The paper sets out the fundamental economics of an electric aviation market and predicts a natural shift of traffic to smaller airports and new vertiports due to the lower capital, maintenance and operating cost of electric aviation. The paper also predicts the rise of electric Low Cost Carriers (eLCCs) as the market reaches maturity.

The paper sets out the environment in which a Regional Air Mobility market will flourish which was addressed in NASA’s Regional Air Mobility paper (

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